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The Big Payoff print series was introduced as a way for designer/illustrator Soujohn, (co-founder of Mai Hiro,) to release more Hoodley illustrations to people who were showing love around the social media scene. 

http://twitter.com/soujohn • http://instagram.com/soujohn1


The schedule of the print series is based on the fact that most folks get paid on a bi-weekly basis. So with every payday you get a chance to cop new Hoodley artwork. Think of 'em as payday prints. 


A new Hoodley print is released at Hoodley's Stash Spot every other Friday. Each print is only available for a two week period until the following payday when its then replaced by a new print. Prices will range from $10 – $15. Each print will start out at the sale price of $10 for the first weekend that it becomes available, and then will return to a regular price of $15 by Monday. 

Every now and then there might be a flash sale or an extended sale price on a print. Hoodley's a firm believer in slow money, but sometimes ya gotta make a quick buck.


Each print is produced as a 9"x12" print. Printed on Smooth, Avalanche White, (200 gsm) paper. Shipped in a rigid pvc toploading protector. Each order is accompanied by a "kickback" put together by Hoodley as a thank you.