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What's a Hoodley?

Hoodley is the money-driven character derived from the mind of, designer/illustrator, Soujohn. Although Hoodley is all about his next big come up and taking what he wants this store front is a little way to share and give back to the fans; in exchange for a non-negotiable monetary donation, of course (this is still a business dammit! Can't knock the hustle).

Hoodley's Stash Spot is where you'll find Hoodley's hottest items; usually in small quantities and only available for short periods of time (you know how it is – hot product has to move quick). This store will offer prints, paintings, sketches and whatever else may result as part of Hoodley's next get rich quick scheme.

Stay close by and keep your pocket books open.

You can find out more about Hoodley and Soujohn here: