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My STUFF arrived damaged, what do I do?

Well, If things should go wrong for any reason, here is what you do. All damaged or defective items must be returned with the original invoice and in the condition in which you received it. Indicate on the back of the invoice, or in an attached letter, why you are returning the item(s). If your order arrived damaged please return it right away so we can send you a replacement.

I’m not satisfied with my purchase, what now?

If you are not satisfied with the service or the quality of the item you ordered go easy on me. This isn’t some huge business that you’re taking down; I’m just one guy so I’ll gladly do what I can to help. 

Sometimes small errors occur, and sending a simple e-mail can start the process of resolving that. If a seriously huge mistake was made feel free to send an email in ALL CAPS telling me how much I suck and how I should be running my business and how much of a dumbf**k I am. Then demand a refund and tell me that you’ll never buy anything from me again.


Try to understand that humans make mistakes, and I’ll do any replacing, rebuilding, repackaging, re-handjobing, redoing, resealing, rerecording it takes to fix the mistake. 

How do refunds work?

Since all orders and transactions will be handled through Paypal all refunds will be handled the same way. I’ll do everything I can to refund quickly and you will be notified of your refund via e-mail. 

Will you invade my privacy?

No. Nor will I give or sell your personal information to any other company, human, low life, crustacean, decepticon, tea bagger, cholo, wanker, douche bag, cretin, cylon, dirtball, hoecake, water nymph, scumbag, rat bastard or a-hole. We know how to keep our mouth shut around here.